About University Learning Institute and TheCourse

University Learning Institute is a family-owned and operated company. We are a PMI® Registered Education Provider. Our first course - TheCourse™ for Project Management - dominates the Washington, DC marketplace for preparing project managers to pass the Project Management Professional® certification exam, and is growing rapidly in higher education throughout the United States.

The reason for our success is value. There are other quality courses, but we do not mail high-priced glossy brochures throughout the country nor exhibit in trade shows. Accordingly, we do not have to charge an arm and a leg to cover our expenses.

The author of TheCourse, a project manager since 1965, discovered in 2002 that he required certification. There was not a quality prep course in the Washington, DC area where he lived, and he had to travel 2,400 miles over several weekends. Following his own certification, he developed TheCourse to meet this market demand. The first class was conducted at University of Maryland College Park that fall.

TheCourse and Virginia Tech

Early in 2003, we told Virginia Tech that TheCourse could make them the dominant source of open enrollment project management certification preparation in the Washington, D.C. marketplace. They gave us the opportunity, and within three months the promise was fulfilled. The initial class was 'sole-source', and we subsequently won multiple five-year competitive procurements. TheCourse at Virginia Tech's National Capital Region facility continues to dominate this market.

TheCourse On-Site

As US Government agencies came under pressure to get their project managers certified, they began to ask for TheCourse to be conducted in their facilities. Many were 'sole-source', and we also won both of the two Government competitive procurements that came to our attention. The agencies in turn required that the project managers of their contractors must be certified, and some of them also asked for TheCourse at their site. Visit our archives.

TheCourse Online

The online edition of TheCourse was developed during 2004, and initially was licensed to all classroom students as a value-added feature for make-up and review. It continues to be our practice to make it available to all classroom students, and in 2005 we also began to license it as a stand-alone product. Now it is offered in several dozen colleges throughout the US.


Our test engine was developed in 2005. It is licensed as a value-added feature to all classroom and online students, enabling them to browse hundreds of exam-like questions and answers, or to take timed simulated exams. It is described elsewhere on this web site, and a free demonstration is available as a download.

PMI and Project Management Professional are registered marks of Project Management Institute, Inc.