TheCourse Student Testamonials

The messages that follow were among hundreds of 'thank yous' and personal unsolicited commendations received from former students. This company once fired a PR agency because the lady insisted on inventing testimonials, and making references to 'thousands of students' at the time we were barely getting off the ground. These are real, and we did not ask for them. Usually they were sent during the euphoria of having just passed the exam.

From the same senior manager who sent the email featured on the Archives page: "I attended your course three years ago at CJIS; I am PMI certified.  I am also being required to take the FAC-P/PM senior level sequence of courses.  I have completed 7 of the 8 courses.  'The Course' is clearly superior in every way."

“I just shudder to think about someone trying to prepare for the exam without having access to the test engine and questions.  You did an excellent job in preparing the test, both in terms of quality and quantity of the questions.” Government contractor.

“Thanks you for your assistance and for providing such a great course that not only taught us how to pass the exam (as so many of the other courses available do) but also how to apply the knowledge in a practical manner in our work environment.”   Towson University student.

“The online course really works.  It covers all the grounds enabling you to take the exam, and more." Online course student.

"I passed my PMP exam last week.  Much easier than I anticipated." Dan, CISSP, CISM, PMP - Virginia Tech student. (We get lots of messages like this one.)

"The PMP test covers a tremendous range of material, so I wanted a course which proceeds thoroughly and carefully -- and ULI's curriculum provides breadth and depth. The mix of content and the excellent sample questions matched what I found on the PMI exam. The teaching style is relaxed and realistic, and leverages classroom discussion and the varied experiences of all the students. Thanks to ULI's course, I passed the PMP certification test less than 100 hours after I finished the class!" Len, PMP, July 2, 2003 Student at Lord Fairfax College.

"I am really enjoying the experience. It has been awhile since I felt really engaged, it a great change of pace." Dean, September 20, 2003.

"What really made this course valuable was my instructor who was very dedicated to each of his students passing the exam. (The instructor) was always available to answer questions on the material and after the course was finished he invited students to attend review sections with other new classes until they had taken the exam." Bonnie Grunther, PMP, Student at University of Maryland.

"I wanted to let you know that I passed the PMP on Saturday, May 22. I agree with your study techniques. The best two things that helped me were knowing the material on your slides and reading and re-reading PMBOK. Thank you." Neil, PMP, PEC Solutions, 2004.

"I thought the instructor's experiences in 'real world' projects was very helpful." Small Business Administration student, July 1, 2004.

"Very comprehensive, well-organized. (The instructor) definitely knows the subject." US Departnemt of Labor student, Dec. 18, 2003.

"The instructor was fantastic! He has a great wealth of knowledge and was able to respond to all questions. He also seems to really enjoy the topic and teaching and it shows through the interaction with the class. I also appreciate the materials he provided." US Department of Commerce student, October 2003.

"Even though I didn't attend some of the lectures (due to transition between assignments), I did visit your web site often and found the on-line course materials very useful." Jenny, PMP, FBI class, who passed her exam the day after the class ended.  Dec. 31, 2004.

Note: PMBOK, PMI and PMP are registered marks of Project Management Institute, Inc.